We have a simple goal in our retail business – to have the products our customers want, when they need them, at a competitive price.

Our success is measured in the growing numbers of people and communities we serve and supply nationwide. Our retail network is expanding fast – we now have 106 retail sites across PNG, fueling thousands of customers’ journeys daily. The Retail business model is aligned with Puma Energy‘s focus on SME development by partnering with a network of more than 100 local retailers across PNG.

Location, location, location

Building the best possible retail network means getting everything right.

Understanding local differences is a crucial part of the retail mix. Our retail sites are always well stocked with the products local people need and we recruit local people who know their markets well. They provide important insights into local preferences and a vital link to their communities.

Naturally, we invest in their talents through training on safety and every aspect of customer service. In 2019, Puma Energy launched a structured online training academy with the ability to reach more than 2,000 direct and indirect employees across PNG.

Great environment, great service

The real key to retail success is providing great service.

This means more than just offering value for money and the right choice of products. Our ‘great service’ guarantee begins with creating a safe environment for our customers and staff, 24 hours a day. Our retail sites are always well lit, with more halogen canopy lights than any of our competitors.

We invest in the very best facilities at our retail sites and our secure underground storage tanks benefit from the latest technology. Our forecourts are well signposted and the washroom facilities are kept spotlessly clean.

We can only achieve this by having great people, dedicated to providing the highest standards of customer service.

Improving the retail experience

We continue to invest in the quality and growth of our retail network.
Most of our 106 retail sites are Puma Energy-branded with many offering convenience stores under the Super7 brand.

We’ve developed a market-leading dealer-operated network, offering training and creating opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

We have brought together an excellent team of retail professionals to support all of our retail outlets nationwide, and they help us improve the Puma Energy retail experience each year. We also run market-leading promotional campaigns, adding further value for our people and customers.

Related products and services

We put the needs of local people first. Most of our retail sites offer gasoline and diesel fuels, heating and generator fuels, lubricants for vehicles and domestic machinery. Many also provide a range of food, beverage and convenience products.