Business to business

Having the right resource and expertise, as well as strategically located storage terminals, modern distribution fleets and access to global markets, makes us the right choice for even the most demanding business-to-business (B2B) customers.


Puma Energy is PNG’s largest B2B fuel supplier and the only downstream fuel company with truly national footprint having a robust network of 12 terminals. As a trusted supply partner to PNG leading enterprises, Puma Energy offers a wide range of supply solutions catered to our customers’ needs ranging from direct sales to the management of fully integrated supply chains. Puma Energy manages its B2B customer interactions through a dedicated 7-day per week customer service center based in Port Moresby.

Fuelling business

Our business customers range from world-famous multinationals to local businesses, little known out of their own countries. They include many of the world’s leading mining companies and major businesses in key sectors such as transport, power generation, industrial, manufacturing, agricultural and construction. Between them, they keep the lights on, build the houses, grow the food, run the trains and make everything from cars to cardboard and televisions to textiles.

Earning trust

These companies all play a vital role in the economies they work in – creating wealth, providing employment, building infrastructure and supplying important products and services. For them, reliability is a top priority. If their fuel runs dry, they lose money. They trust us to ensure this never happens and we have to meet our customers’ fuel needs no matter what. Earning that trust is crucial, even if it means putting in place robust logistics and transport systems to guarantee delivery to some of the most inhospitable industrial locations on earth.

Strong relationships

We currently have more than 500 B2B customers in Papua New Guinea, typically working with three-to-five-year contracts. We have strong relationships with leading commercial and industrial players, supporting strategic national growth, domestic economy and export revenues. We offer them a fully managed service and 24/7 on-site expert support when required.

We demonstrate our long-term commitment to customers by working with them to develop products, technologies, support and delivery services they can trust absolutely. We provide them with a broad portfolio of fuels. High-quality diesel is in great demand with mining companies, while power generating companies want heavy fuel oil. Construction companies rely on our bitumen for road building, while our lubricants business complements and enhances our fuels business.