Going further for better performing roads

We have invested significantly in our shipping fleet and the capacity of our global network of storage facilities. We now have 530,000 tonnes bitumen storage capacity (owned and rented) and are the largest bitumen ship owner in the world by carrying capacity.

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Our global bitumen terminal network offers a range of products meeting international specifications of penetration, viscosity and performance grades, together with the most advanced formulations of emulsions and polymer-modified bitumens. Our customers benefit from our fully integrated offering that ensures they receive any grade of bitumen they require on time and on specification.

Rapid expansion

Following expansions in our bitumen business in Vietnam, Australia and Mozambique, we continued our growth in Myanmar in 2016. In Angola, our bitumen helped to build the highways on which we are building our new retail sites. Now we are using the same bitumen expertise in other African countries, such as Mozambique and DRC.

Assisting governments

We are helping to deliver safer, smoother journeys for customers in many countries around the world by assisting governments and highway agencies in sourcing and supplying the bitumen they need for major construction works. We do this using our state-of-the-art fleet of bespoke insulated bitumen carriers and import the bitumen through our specialist terminals, including the largest private bitumen terminal in Europe (Cadiz, Spain), the largest bitumen terminal in South East Asia (Langsat, Malaysia), and our newly opened terminal at Thilawa in Myanmar.