Your uplift advantage

From commercial airlines and heavy-lift cargo planes to corporate jets and recreational planes, our aviation customers rely on us to fuel flights that connect a world of business and pleasure.

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We have a simple goal in the Aviation sector – to deliver fuel at a competitive price to airlines and aircraft owners and operators, while at the same time meeting all international safety and quality standards. Puma Energy is PNG’s only supplier of Jet A1 fuel with operations in 11 airfields nationwide, refueling close to 30,000 aircraft every year.

Efficiency and safety

When it comes to aviation, we make it easy for our customers by handling everything. From the supply of Jet A-1 from the refinery to delivery into aircraft, Puma Energy is uniquely positioned to ensure integrated supply chain bringing the highest quality product standards to Puma Energy owned airport fueling depots using our own people. We have built an excellent reputation in the sector, based on our efficiency, strong safety track record, high-quality fuel and competitively priced products.

Puma Energy undergoes regular audits conducted by CASA and Air Niugini in all locations around PNG to ensure we exceed our customers and regulators expectations. We undertake industry-standard training across our aviation teams regularly to ensure our personnel remains up to date with the latest HSSE and operational standards.

Expanding our aviation business

We operate 11 airports across Papua New Guinea, providing products and services to airlines, aircraft operators and aircraft owners. We work with a growing number of major local and international airlines including Air Niugini, PNG Air, Tropic Air and Hevilift but are also a trusted partner in all of PNG’s resource project and operations. Puma Energy PNG aviation operations are supported through our global aviation business which operates in over 70 airports around the world and services some of the leading airlines globally such as Emirates, American Airlines and British Airways.