Our strategic priorities

We are an integrated energy company like no other – our focus on fuelling journeys is driven by our integrated business model in 48 countries and, for us, it is about making a real difference to all of our customers and the communities we serve.

Our strategy in action

Expand our offer to our customers

Our business model provides a consistent and dynamic platform that allows our growing team of energy professionals to expand our offering and deliver the best performance for our customers.

Develop into new import markets

We look for markets with rapid growth and/or strong potential, usually with a growing middle class or a flourishing natural resources sector, where we can identify new business opportunities.

Build the infrastructure to support our offer

Our infrastructure projects help integrate our logistics and provide local investment that fuels economic growth, benefiting both our customers and their communities.

Integrate supply, storage and distribution

Our global asset base includes 106 strategically located terminals and global storage hubs, ensuring the security of supply to our customers anywhere in the world.

Develop local stakeholder trust

We develop trust by operating responsibly and working hard to minimise any adverse effects from our operations, prioritising ongoing dialogue with the communities we work within.