Our commitment to integrity

The Puma Energy Code of Conduct is the foundation of our commitment to integrity. We all have a responsibility to uphold the values and standards discussed in this Code to ensure a successful future and continued success.

Code of conduct

The Puma Energy Code of Conduct serves as a guide for those of us working for Puma Energy to follow. Our performance is underpinned by upholding high ethical standards, always – our reputation and our future depend on it. The Code covers standards, laws and regulations that govern our business and are summarized in one common document to which we can refer for guidance, answering questions, and seeking clarity. We want our employees, contractors and other third parties to feel comfortable to speak up when they need to ask questions, seek advice, or raise concerns if there is ever a doubt about what is being done that could be potentially unsafe, unethical or harmful. They are encouraged to discuss their questions or concerns with their managers, supporting teams, or via Puma Energy’s confidential helpline, Speak Up!

Download the code

Links to download PDFs of the Code of Conduct in: