Our business model

We believe in keeping things simple if we can – and our business model is a case in point. Tried, tested and refined, it enables our people to do what they do best – delivering great performance across all our markets.

We invest wisely and decisively

We position ourselves as the leading privately owned midstream and downstream oil company. Puma Energy invests in acquisitions and infrastructure in growth markets while maintaining a healthy balance sheet.

We operate in strategic locations

Puma Energy is a highly diversified company that focuses on growing markets, where projected demand for oil is high, where we can expand through acquisition and organic growth.

We operate efficiently

We put in place better systems, better infrastructure, better technologies and better processes – everything from delivery logistics to point of sale equipment.

We employ talented people

The diversity of nationalities, cultures and experience across our team is a great strength for Puma Energy; we train our people well and trust them to excel.

We are responsive and flexible

Our structure ensures we are in touch with our customers’ needs; our growing global network ensures we are where they need us to be.

We have a unique asset base

Puma Energy’s global integrated asset base ensures seamless supply to our customers around the world. We aim to become the leading integrated midstream and downstream, retail and distribution oil company across markets with high growth in oil consumption.