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Embracing our “New Normal”

At Puma Energy Papua New Guinea, we are embracing our ‘New Normal’ by placing greater emphasis on our staff members to practice regular surface and hand sanitising, hand washing and social distancing at work.

We understand the need for Puma sites to be kept clean and safe for our loyal customers and the welfare of our team members. COVID-19 has changed the way we do things and as a reminder of the importance of living the Niupela Pasin, Puma Energy PNG has provided COVID cleaning kits to all of our 570 staff across PNG. The kits include items such as masks, hand sanitiser, cleaning and disinfectant items for their homes.

We are thankful for our dedicated and hardworking team all across PNG. Together we can make a difference.

Pictured; L-R: Robertha Kiapranis, Jah Hanta Sumbam and Kevin Gou on their way to distributing the items to Head Office staff