Embracing our “New Normal”

At Puma Energy Papua New Guinea, we are embracing our ‘New Normal’ by placing greater emphasis on our staff members to practice regular surface and hand sanitising, hand washing and social distancing at work.

Agnes Piel leading Puma Gas distribution in Papua New Guinea

Agnes Piel, director of Six Crowns Ltd and operator of Taurama Gas Distributions, has inspired thousands of people throughout Papua New Guinea (PNG) through her hard work to become one of PNG’s leading Puma Gas Distributors and businesswoman.

Together we can make a difference

As part of our ‘Fill Up, Feel Good’ campaign, Puma Energy Papua New Guinea (PNG) are proud to announce our partnership with six PNG community foundations.

Puma Energy PNG

People treated through YWAM

People employed in PNG

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Bringing health care where it's needed most

Creating employment opportunities


We are fuelling transformation by expanding global access to safe, reliable and affordable fuel. In doing so, we will enable economic development from remote communities to entire countries. And we will grow sustainably, providing growth opportunities for our people and the communities in which we operate, whilst protecting the environment at every stage.